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Dreager are specialist in Acute Care, advancing clinical outcomes, managing costs, enhancing patient experiences and ensuring staff satisfaction.


Dreager have been passionate about developing technologies, products, know-how and services for acute care that help you achieve your goals for over 125 years.

Intensive Care

We design intelligent workplaces with integrated alarm systems using ergonomic, patient-centred workflows to promote the healing process. Our ICU solutions include protective mechanical ventilation tools, and in combination with our patient and respiratory monitoring solutions, help you better achieve your therapy goals. That's why we are your specialist in acute care.

Drager Neonatal

Drager Neonatal

Operating Theatre

Draeger design intelligent operating room workplaces for anaesthesia delivery and surgical procedures using ergonomic workflows and intuitive user interfaces. These factors play an important role in reducing the risk of errors and adverse events. Additionally, our anaesthesia workplaces are uniquely designed to protectively ventilate surgical patients and thus help to reduce the risk for postoperative pulmonary complications.

Drager Operating

Drager Operating

Neonatal Care: developing a nurturing environment

Premature babies with low or very low birth weights need critical care. For this reason, we deliver tailored solutions dedicated to the special needs in your neonatal intensive care unit. Our goal is to help you improve outcomes during the newborn’s golden hour, transport path and NICU stay. In addition, we aim to avoid morbidity and mortality rates while reducing stress for both baby and caregiver.

Drager ICU

Drager ICU

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