David Bailey Furniture Systems relaunches its new Toprail division

Published: 14-Mar-2024

David Bailey Furniture Systems, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fitted furniture solutions, has officially relaunched Toprail as a dynamic and innovative new division of its business, following the acquisition of the company in 2023

Toprail, a revolutionary wall furnishing solution that offers unparalleled flexibility and easy reconfiguration, was developed by a team of engineers and designers tasked with creating a fitted furniture system that was both flexible and durable - and that could be easily reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a wide range of commercial organisations such as the healthcare sector, universities, colleges, schools, offices and veterinary practices.

The team developed a modular design for Toprail, which allowed for endless possibilities in terms of configuration, using high-quality aluminium in the construction of the key components and the supporting uprights which make up the heart of the system.

This ensured durability and strength to withstand even the most demanding environments, while at the same time ensuring it was capable of supporting just about any combination of storage units, shelving, worktops and much more.

The system is extensively featured on a new redesigned website at www.toprail.com. This exciting brand refresh signifies Toprail's continued commitment to delivering exceptional, sector-specific products and services for healthcare, office and education environments.

The new Toprail website boasts intuitive navigation, categorised both by sector and product type, ensuring a seamless experience for users seeking solutions tailored to their specific needs. High-quality images and product videos showcase functionality and aesthetics, while detailed specifications, downloadable brochures, and clear benefits information are readily available. Streamlined search functionality with filters and targeted options further simplify product discovery.

Real-world application examples showcased on the website offer valuable project inspiration. User-friendly features such as quote requests and contact forms also enable seamless communication with the Toprail team. Toprail prioritises high-quality materials, rigorous testing, and compliance with relevant standards, such as the HTM 62, to ensure product durability and functionality. Bespoke solutions and project-specific adaptations cater to unique requirements, while experienced consultants from David Bailey Furniture Systems offer expert support in choosing the right furniture solutions.

The combined expertise of David Bailey Furniture Systems and Toprail has focused industry recognition for their commitment to quality and service. 'The relaunch of Toprail as a division of David Bailey Furniture Systems strengthens our capabilities in delivering exceptional solutions for diverse sectors,' said Tony

Huggins, Managing Director at David Bailey Furniture Systems. 'The reimagined Toprail.com website empowers users to explore our comprehensive product range and connect with our team for expert guidance, ultimately creating functional and inspiring spaces that meet their specific needs.'

Whether you are a healthcare provider seeking infection-control solutions, an office seeking to boost employee productivity, or in the education sector, striving to create inspiring learning environments, Toprail offers tailored solutions to elevate your space. Unleash the potential of your environment and empower your team. Visit www.toprail.com today to explore the new website, browse their comprehensive product range, and connect with David Bailey Furniture Systems expert team to discuss your specific needs.

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