First anti-microbial copper surgical lights unveiled

Published: 19-Feb-2013

ALVO Medical announces its high-tech lighting is available in bug-busting copper

The world’s-first antimicrobial copper surgical lights have been unveiled, providing a new weapon in the fight against hospital infections.

ALVO Medical debuted the system at the Arab Health 2013 healthcare exhibition and medical congress in Dubai this week.

Magdalena Galezewska, the company’s Commercial Director, said: “The audience at the show was wowed by these new lights. Nothing like this has been on the market before, and with infection control at the forefront of modern healthcare, it’s important to consider how a product can better protect patient health. These offer an additional line of defence against infection, which could be critical to patient outcomes.”

Explaining ALVO Medical’s decision to offer antimicrobial copper products, she added: “Copper is inherently antimicrobial. With no special treatments or surface coatings, it will rapidly kill a huge range bacteria and viruses that threaten human health. We are committed to providing cutting-edge products that offer the finest functionality and aesthetics, which is why we now offer a range of antimicrobial copper touch surfaces. All of these products will continuously reduce surface contamination in between regular cleans, reducing the risk of infections being passed around. They’re better for patients, better for healthcare workers, and better for everyone passing through the hospital environment.”

The lights are the latest products the company is offering in an antimicrobial copper option. Others include anaesthesia carts, endoscopy carts and instrument tables. All of these bear the Cu+ mark, used by leading manufacturers of hospital equipment, furniture and fittings to indicate that their products are made from antimicrobial copper - pure copper, or a copper alloy proven to benefit from its antimicrobial properties.

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