Implement the ultimate infection prevention

Published: 16-Aug-2016

Bioquell showcases infection control bundle

At this year’s Infection Prevention Conference in Harrogate (26-28 September), Bioquell will be presenting its comprehensive range of infection prevention and control solutions.

The latest miniaturised mobile HPV decontamination system, the Bioquell BQ-50, will be on show alongside the next generation of patient isolation solutions, the Bioquell Pod. Both offer significant improvement over previous models, with faster cycles and more-robust design.

As the world leader in bio-decontamination, Bioquell is at the forefront in the fight against pathogens.

Working alongside numerous healthcare facilities around the world, Bioquell has developed a range of products and services which, combined with other procedures like hand hygiene and patient monitoring, are the best ally any busy hospital needs to proactively eradicate multi-drug resistant pathogens.

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