Improved indoor air quality and striking design

Published: 1-Apr-2014

Desso extends its patented AirMaster carpet collection

Desso is providing architects, interior designers and consumers with the best of both worlds with the extension of its patented DESSO AirMaster carpet collection.

The global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company is introducing DESSO AirMaster Elements and DESSO AirMaster Blend for the commercial market, and DESSO AirMaster for Home to offer a wider variety of stunning patterns and textures – with all the great functionality of the original DESSO AirMaster range.

Proven to reduce the concentration of fine dust indoors eight times more effectively than hard flooring, and four times better than standard carpet, the new ranges contribute to people’s health and wellbeing, as well as providing them with striking interiors. In fact, according to a Californian study by William Fisk from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, improved indoor air quality can also boost productivity. His research showed an increase by 0.5-5%, with estimated savings of $12 to $125billion per year in the US.

DESSO AirMaster Elements consists of four different products - Atmos, Cosmo, Oxy and Sphere - all of which are available in six neutral colours ranging from warm beige to deep slate. The range moves away from the linearity of the original AirMaster designs to create a smooth, flawless appearance with non-directional organic patterns where each product offers its own personality and style.

AirMaster Atmos is a structured and tactile loop-pile carpet tile, while the textured loop-pile, AirMaster Oxy offers a subtly organic and irregular pattern similar to that of dried clay. AirMaster Sphere has a handmade feel inspired by rustic natural materials and elements adding warmth and texture, whereas AirMaster Cosmo has an understated linear design with a natural feel.

The second new range, DESSO AirMaster Blend, offers playful linearity that perfectly complements the universal designs of the original AirMaster collection. Combining lighter shades against a darker backdrop, the tile is available in six carefully-blended combinations including blues, browns and greys, to provide a warm-yet-professional look.

DESSO AirMaster for Home is specially designed for residential use: a robust loop pile carpet with a pure and natural appearance. Its design is based on the latest trends in home decoration. The colour palette, including colours like sand, pebble, wood and olive, is timeless and strengthens the natural character. In combination with improved indoor air quality AirMaster for Home fits perfectly with contemporary Scandinavian design where simplicity, functionality and nature are the basis.

Alexander Collot d’Escury, chief executive at Desso, said: “The new DESSO AirMaster ranges epitomise our drive towards healthier indoor spaces. They offer a built-in functionality that reduces the amount of fine dust in the indoor air, combined with feel-good inspirational design.

“We have a clear vision based on making the floor work for our health and wellbeing as we spend on average 90% of our time indoors. To this end, we have launched our Great Indoors campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of bad indoor air quality and to demonstrate what can be done to combat the problem.”

The product ranges AirMaster Elements and Blend, contain ECONYL, a yarn made from 100% regenerated nylon.

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