Innovative ELUXEO endoscopes provide dramatically-improved illumination

Published: 12-May-2017

Unique 4-LED Multi Light technology enables superior visualisation of mucosal surfaces and vessel structures within the gastrointestinal tract

Aquilant has launched Fujifilm’s newest solution, the innovative 4-LED Multi-Light technology-enabled ELUXEO system to provide endoscopists with superior visualisation of mucosal surfaces and vessel structures within the gastrointestinal tract.

Improved assessment and characterisation capabilities are also supported by the optimised Multi Zoom function and newly-designed G7 grip.

The new ELUXEO system sets a new standard in light intensity and endoscopic imaging.

By combining different wavelengths and the specific application of intensified light spectra, this technology allows healthcare professionals to easily switch between the three imaging modes White Light, Blue Light Imaging (BLI) and Linked Colour Imaging (LCI), resulting in exceptionally-bright images and the creation of valuable supporting data around tissue classification and characterisation.

In addition, exact diagnosis and tailored treatment solutions are supported by the 135x Multi Zoom, and a smaller bending radius alongside a Flexibility Adjustor optimise handling for the physician, all helping to increase patient comfort.

Professor Pradeep Bhandari, consultant physician and gastroenterologist for the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, said: “Here we have a system that offers high-quality White Light, unfiltered Blue Light Imaging, and improved scope handling, thanks to the slimmer scope coupled with variable stiffness. This has vastly improved the overall performance of the endoscope, making it a true game changer in the industry.”

Matt Aronow, marketing manager for Aquilant Endoscopy, added: “Fujifilm has a long-standing heritage of developing pioneering diagnostic imaging systems, the latest of which is the innovative 4-LED Multi-Light equipped ELUXEO system.

“Developed in conjunction with leading endoscopy experts, the system’s new imaging modalities BLI and LCI provide valuable additional data to clinicians helping them to locate, assess and characterise lesions.”

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