Anti-Ligature shower door system for mental health ensuites hits the market

Published: 13-Feb-2024

Kingsway Group has launched the Anti-Ligature SHOWER Door System for mental health ensuites

Kingsway Group, a UK-based specialist in anti-ligature doors and solutions for mental health environments, has launched the Anti-Ligature SHOWER Door System.

This new line of doors can help staff improve patient safety in mental health en-suite bathrooms and washroom areas.

The Anti-Ligature SHOWER Door System is a high-strength solution with an attractive appearance that can safely enhance the healing environment.

With SHOWER, Kingsway Group aims to support recovery journeys in the most challenging environments.

SHOWER is now officially ready for service. 

The SHOWER assembly comfortably withstood over 3kN of force with no significant damage caused

Third-party tested

As a fixed-to-the-frame solution, the SHOWER door set has been independently stress-tested to make sure of its strength and suitability. 

In the hands of Warringtonfire, the SHOWER assembly comfortably withstood over 3kN of force with no significant damage caused or any safety risks arising as a result of the testing.

Achieving this level of strength is critical for a fixed-to-the-frame solution, and when done correctly significantly reduces the risk of weaponisation or trip hazards when compared to removable alternatives.

Creating a therapeutic and safe environment

SHOWER helps add a personalised touch to service user en-suites whilst supporting clinical teams’ risk management strategies in one of the most challenging spaces within a mental health facility.

Customers can choose from a range of therapeutic imagery or design your own bespoke pieces to be displayed across the entirety of the door leaf.

The anti-ligature en-suite door offers a shatter-proof and impact-resistant solution, whilst its considered design ensures durable performance in wet environments through a combination of high-quality stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium and high-strength polycarbonate components.

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