MTX chooses steel modules for NHS CDC projects in Lincolnshire

Published: 20-May-2024

MTX has chosen precisely engineered structural steel modules for the new Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) in Lincoln and Skegness

MTX, a modern method of construction (MMC) specialist, has secured the dual contract to build Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) in Lincoln and Skegness.

MTX have now announced that it will deliver the new CDCs concurrently using precisely engineered structural steel modules, factory-manufactured offsite.

Mechanical and electrical services will also be manufactured as modules where appropriate to speed up the construction process and reduce costs. 

Once installed on site, the structural steel units will be fitted out by MTX to fulfil their specialised roles.

Groundworks are currently being implemented onsite to create the foundations for the new buildings.

The contract for Lincoln and Skegness is one of several won by MTX to build CDCs across the UK. 

Employing modern methods of construction (MMC) means MTX can deliver the new centres faster, safer, greener and more cost effectively for NHS Trusts.

MTX Managing Director David Hartley said: “The creation of a network of CDCs is a key element in improving access to care and patient experience, and we are delighted that NHS Trusts are choosing to partner with MTX for delivery of these new resources based on our proven track record of rapid and cost-effective delivery.”

The contract win was announced in May for the two locations.


CDCs launched nationally in July 2021 to provide a range of patient diagnostic services.

Designed as ‘one-stop shops’, patients can get checked, tested and scanned at CDCs for conditions, from cancer to heart or lung disease.

Claire Lloyd, Lincolnshire’s CDC Programme Lead, said: “Diagnostics are recognised as a key priority in the NHS Long-Term Plan and CDCs play a key role in supporting reductions in waiting times, improving access and delivering care closer to home.”

“For Lincolnshire, and particularly for Skegness and Lincoln, the investment in these two new CDCs is at a level that will make an enormous difference to our diagnostic testing capabilities and capacity in the county for years to come, and we are immensely proud of that,” Lloyd concluded. 

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