Multitone utilises Addmaster antibacterial coatings for communications product

Published: 19-Oct-2015

EkoTek personal security and location system uses Biomaster coating to help protect from contamination and cross infection

Multitone Electronics announces its collaboration with additive coatings specialist, Addmaster, to utilise the company’s Biomaster antibacterial coatings on its EkoTek personal security and location provider system.

Andrew Jones, director of marketing at Multitone, said: “EkoTek is designed to be used in locations requiring strict adherence to cleanliness policies.

“Biomaster adds in-built antibacterial protection, which inhibits a build-up of bacteria on the surface between structured cleaning sessions. This helps to ensure that EkoTek doesn’t become a source or carrier of infection or contamination, which could be dangerous to patients, and/or staff.”

The active antibacterial agent in the EkoTek range is silver ion technology. It works 24 hours a day to prevent the growth of microbes for the lifetime of the product and is proven to be effective against most common forms of bacteria including E. coli, Campylobacter and MRSA.

EkoTek is a two-way communication solution that as well as providing the highest levels of staff safeguarding and location, is also designed to offer greater simplicity of installation and a cost-effective solution. The device’s assist button offers users now have two levels of call urgency to ensure the support team know which level of help is required. This ensures the right level of support is deployed when a call is made so that resources are used properly.

The EkoTek range includes a Pager with a snatch cord which features a dedicated assist function and a large colour display and backlight. It is water resistant and has a wipe-clean case, a rechargeable battery, and can be charged with single or four-way chargers for flexibility. The range also includes a fob which, like the pagers, also includes a water-resistant case, wipe-clean, rechargeable battery, either single or multiple charger, with five-way compatibility.

To make operations easier the EkoTek range offers single desk chargers and multi-chargers with drop-in charging, LED display, desk mounting and wall mounting. A short charge of 40 minutes gives in excess of eight hours of use.

Jones said: “EkoTek provides an excellent, wireless solution to personal safety needs in any environment. The use of the Biomaster coating ensures that all have a safer environment in which to work. EkoTek provides an important tool in the successful running of these facilities.”

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