Navigating healthcare zone: Designing with coloured ceiling tiles for patient-centred care

Published: 14-Nov-2023

One often overlooked aspect of healthcare design is the importance of a well-crafted colour palette to improve wayfinding, infection control, acoustics, and use of space

Healthcare facilities play a crucial role in our lives, offering high-quality care when we are most in need. The spaces that are successfully designed not only provide medical treatments but also ensure patients and visitors feel comfortable and safe during their time there.

One often overlooked aspect of healthcare design is the importance of a well-crafted colour palette. It can provide clear guidance and wayfinding to patients and visitors, helping them navigate the complex environment efficiently, which is why creating effective zoning in hospitals using coloured ceiling tiles can contribute to optimal acoustic, hygienic, and zoning potentials. 

The significance of effective zoning in healthcare settings

Effective zoning in healthcare settings is crucial for several reasons. It promotes a streamlined flow of patients, visitors, and medical staff, ensuring everyone can find their way easily and quickly, which can lead to faster treatment and improved patient satisfaction. Well-defined zones are also particularly important in healthcare settings because they can often be the background to high-stress situations, so reducing confusion where possible is advantageous. More benefits include:

  • Wayfinding - Hospitals are usually large, complex buildings and they can be daunting for patients. Effective zoning makes it easier to navigate the building; reducing stress and anxiety for everyone.
  • Infection Control – Zoning can help segregate areas, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection transmission.
  • Improved Acoustics –Providing clear pathways can contribute to better acoustics, reducing noise pollution, especially in sensitive areas such as recovery rooms or specific wards.
  • Efficient Use of Space – By dividing spaces efficiently, healthcare facilities can optimise the use of real estate, ensuring each area is used effectively and serves its purpose.

Zentia’s coloured ceiling tiles

Zentia understands the importance of effective zoning in healthcare settings and offers a versatile solution to enhance any healthcare setting in the form of its extensive range of coloured ceiling tiles. The tiles are designed with the unique needs of healthcare facilities in mind, helping them to achieve any zoning potential.

Various shapes and coloured ceiling tiles can be strategically used to mark different zones within a health facility. For example, calming, soothing lighter colours can be used in patient rooms, while vibrant, energising hues can be used for waiting areas, differentiating wards or wayfinding in corridors. Zentia’s extensive range of colours and styles allows healthcare facilities to create unique and visually appealing spaces, further aiding in zoning efforts.

The benefits do not end with zoning and wayfinding. Zentia’s coloured ceiling tiles are engineered to absorb sound, reducing noise levels in busy healthcare environments, providing a total design solution. This helps create a more peaceful atmosphere, benefitting patients’ recovery and staff productivity. It is also crucial for healthcare facilities to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Zentia’s ceiling tiles are easy to clean and are resistant to moisture and mould, making them an ideal choice for hospitals and clinics.

The benefits do not end with zoning and wayfinding

For example, Sonify by Zentia offers a coloured suspended ceiling tile solution that allows you to play with colours and configurations to create exciting acoustic solutions. The range is available in 35 colours, offering an exhaustive range of products that can be used in all kinds of applications. Our Aruba Triangle range is another coloured suspended ceiling tile solution that is available in 35 colours and comes together to create a symmetrical triangular pattern that can create a real design statement, and stand out, ideal for effective wayfinding. For zones that require more of an industrial, edgy solution, the DecoMesh range, made from galvanised steel, is available in eight different colours and with three different edge details.

Effective zoning in healthcare facilities is essential for the well-being of patients and the efficient operation of the facility. Zentia’s coloured ceiling tiles offer an innovative and practical solution to support these efforts. With their acoustic benefits, hygienic properties, and customisable designs, they are an ideal choice for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments. By incorporating these tiles into your facility’s design, you can create an environment that is not only visually pleasing but also optimised for zoning, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and satisfaction.

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