New endoscopic system introduced to support high-precision diagnosis and treatment

Published: 20-Oct-2015

Next-generation endoscopic ultrasonography system unveiled by Fujifilm and Aquilant Endoscopy

The latest in endoscopic ultrasonography systems - the SU-1 – has been launched by Fujifilm and Aquilant Endoscopy.

The new Fujifilm ultrasonography processor is equipped with proprietary image processing technology in a compact device.

Used to examine and visualise internal body structures for possible lesions at a variety of angles, the new SU-1 has been designed to support accurate diagnoses thanks to a diverse range of imaging modules, which ultimately help doctors to decide on suitable treatment methods.

“In the fast-paced world of the healthcare system, quick, accurate diagnoses are an essential element within every doctors’ toolkit,” said Andrew Dawe, general manager of Aquilant Endoscopy.

“It is with this in mind that we have partnered with Fujifilm to exclusively distribute the new SU-1 Endoscopic Ultrasonography System in the UK. With its various imaging modes, new ultrasonic video endoscopes and curved linear and array scan, this new solution enables doctors and other users to quickly confirm a diagnosis, and therefore the correct treatment.”

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