New Inverness National Treatment Centre deploys Morse EPR

By Jo Makosinski | Published: 6-Jun-2023

Digital mobile solution from Cambric Systems strengthens NHS Highland’s e-health programme

The National Treatment Centre (NTC) Highland has deployed Cambric Systems’ Morse Electronic Patient Record (EPR). 

The new facility located in Inverness opened in April and is one of 10 treatment centres funded by the Scottish Government. 

It will use Cambric’s digital solution and interactive m-Forms capabilities to strengthen NHS Highland’s e-health programme, helping to deliver seamless multi-disciplinary patient care across the region.

NHS Highland decided to build on its long-standing relationship with Cambric to bring consistency and continuity of care to the newly-launched National Treatment Centre and establish a more-efficient, paper-light approach to storing, accessing, and updating patient records. 

Fiona Grist, NTC clinical nurse manager, said: “The NTC was created primarily to help reduce waiting times for specialist eye and orthopaedic care and the deployment of Morse technology is certainly helping us to achieve that goal. 

We give forward-thinking organisations like NHS Highland the flexibility they need to grow and manage a constantly-changing healthcare landscape

“The solution allows us to work differently and more efficiently, streamlining our processes and providing a clear view of complete patient pathways.” 

Sarah Slavin, eHealth projects manager, added: “Morse provides us with an intelligent digital platform that flows, is easy to read, and can be accessed at any time – staff don’t need to spend time waiting or trawling through handwritten notes, they just tap on to the electronic device with their ID badge and the information is there in real time.

“As a result, we can now deliver a digital multi-disciplinary service that guarantees a smoother, faster, far-more-satisfying experience for patients.”

Staff in every discipline, from recovery and consultants to general nursing staff and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) such as occupational and physiotherapists, rely on Morse for online access to the same patient information.

This means that patients requiring treatment from multiple disciplinary teams no longer need to repeat themselves when speaking to different specialists. 

And this minimises patient frustration, along with waiting times between appointments.

Garry Sherriff, managing director at Cambric, said: “Our technology is designed by users for users to help healthcare professionals put the patient at the centre of everything.

“The transparency of the Morse EPR solution effortlessly supports all users, regardless of role, skills, or experience and can easily be tailored to their individual needs. 

“We give forward-thinking organisations like NHS Highland the flexibility they need to grow and manage a constantly-changing healthcare landscape. 

“With the launch of the NTC in Inverness, we look forward to extending our partnership, helping to realise their ambition to deliver joined-up, state-of-the-art ophthalmology and orthopaedic care to the people in the north of Scotland.” 

Next on the horizon is rolling out Morse to other parts of the expanding NHS Highland organisation, applying lessons learnt from the NTC to continuously improve patient pathways.

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