£15m moneypot to support mental health

Published: 20-Sep-2016

Government announces capital funding to increase number of health-based places of safety

The Government has issued new guidance aimed at helping mental health crisis care groups bid for a share of a £15m capital funding pot aimed at increasing the capacity and number of health-based places of safety.

“If someone is having a mental health crisis and they come to the attention of the police, they may need to be taken to a place of safety – somewhere that is designated as safe under the Mental Health Act,” said a Department of Health spokesman.

“The best place of safety is in a health setting so that people, including children and young people, can get the care they need.

“This funding programme aims to increase and improve health-based places of safety and continue to reduce police cells being used as an alternative.”

Bids for a share of the £15m fund will be managed by the Department of Health.

Examples of projects eligible for funding include new places of safety, refurbishments to existing facilities, mental health crisis cafes, vehicles for mobile street triage services, and ambulance vehicles for the transportation of patients to places of safety.

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