Case study: Addenbrooke's saves £15,000 a year with LED lighting upgrade

Published: 24-Jun-2016

Full Salix funding compliance achieved to deliver ROI in under five years

The organisation

Addenbrooke's Hospital is a world-renowned teaching hospital in Cambridge celebrating its 250th anniversary this year.

It is part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with strong connections to the University of Cambridge.

The project

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is a sustainability partner with Anglian Water Business (AWB) and was initially introduced to the hospital through AWB account manager, Paul Vincent.

From this initial connection, and subsequent meetings with Addenbrooke’s, SaveMoneyCutCarbon was invited to tender for the LED lighting upgrade for the Level 1 Service and admin areas at Addenbrooke’s.

This project needed to include specific lighting controls in parts of the building. Equally important, the work had to be compliant with Salix funding criteria.

This meant that the lighting retrofit should deliver a Return on Investment within five years through energy savings.

Salix provides interest-free capital to public sector organisations for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction.

After a full site survey, an investment-ready proposal was prepared and checked through a Salix compliance tool to demonstrate the project met the funding organisation’s criteria. SMCC was successful and won the tender.

The solution

All of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon field services team received a comprehensive Addenbrooke’s induction before starting the installation work.

The team fitted 650 energy-saving LED panels, LED tubes, and LED 2D lamps to match or improve the existing lighting conditions.

The client requested installation of Ex-Or by Honeywell sensors in offices and training rooms. These high-performance lighting controls deliver additional reductions of up to 70% energy use.

The user programmable lighting control system does not require specialist attendance to repair and programme.

The challenges

The hospital is a busy environment and so access to specific areas had to be scheduled with some work completed out of normal hours.

The team worked closely with the hospital management to plan and carry out upgrades at the most-appropriate times. This incorporated some of the installation work being undertaken overnight which necessitated the field services team working a flexible shift pattern to meet the needs of Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

The savings

  • Cash savings of £15,000 per year
  • ROI of 4.32 years (Salix compliant)
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 53%

Kieran Lockey, energy and sustainability engineer at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, said: “The LED project went very well indeed with lots of positive feedback from staff on the difference in lighting quality – it really is a big improvement.

“The installation team was very professional and flexible, particularly with the need for sensitivity over time of access to work in certain areas of the hospital and our requirement for specific lighting sensors.”

Phil Walsh, SaveMoneyCutCarbon senior projects manager, added: "It was good to work at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, knowing that the savings being made by installing energy-saving lights would save the trust money. This can now be diverted into other areas, which is fantastic.

“As well as replacing the ageing lights with new LED replacements, we were also asked to supply programmable PIR sensors. These not only work by switching on/off the lights as required, but also in dimming the lights depending on the ambient light or user requirements.”

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