Charity launches ‘age-appropriate’ sensory product for people with dementia


Designability unveils ‘bud’ sensory cushion

Bath-based charity, Designability, has launched a new sensory cushion to offer comfort, relaxation and reassurance to people in the later stages of dementia.

The Bud cushion has been carefully created in response to feedback from family carers, care staff, and health professionals.

Sensory objects like clothing, blankets and handheld toys that can be touched and played with have been found to be helpful to people living with dementia who may experience restlessness and agitation.

And it is hoped this new cushion will provide an outlet for these feelings.

Bud can be personalised with items which mean something to the person

Bud can be personalised with items which mean something to the person

Nina Evans, research occupational therapist at Designability, said: “We are thrilled that the Bud cushion is now available. We hope it will complement the existing range of sensory products by providing a more-contemporary and discreet option.”

During the development of Bud, one of the key pieces of feedback was that people would enjoy being able to personalise it with their own belongings. This was therefore included as a key feature so that people can attach items that mean something to them.

“The cushion is soft and warm and can be enjoyed as a tactile experience; and you can add your own objects for interest, or to help with conversation. We have loved designing it and we hope you will love using it,” said a Designability spokesman at the launch of Bud.

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The Bud cushion is now available through Find Memory Care with profits going towards the charity’s ongoing work supporting people with disabilities.