Complete water treatment and booster system

Partnership between Xylem and H2Ozone provides buildings with water more fresh than bottled

HydroInfinity Residential Series

Xylem, a specialist in water technologies, has partnered with H2Ozone to launch the HydroInfinity Residential Series, a complete water treatment and booster system for private and shared water supplies in buildings including medical practices.

Xylem’s HydroInfinity Residential Series treats water to independently-verified drinking standards using unique H2Ozone-patented technologies to deliver UV treatment, ozonation and filtration.

The fully-integrated solution is the first of its kind and the only chemical-free water purification system available that inactivates all pathogenic organisms from the water supply, including E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella bacteria and the Cryptosporidium oocyst.

Xylem’s HydroInfinity works by collecting, purifying, storing and distributing water from a variety of sources including: rainwater, wells, surface water, boreholes and municipally-supplied water.

Only the purest water is delivered, with bacteria levels below that of bottled water.

The electric sensors, remote control systems and software automatically monitor and ensure that no compromised water enters or exists in the system.

Thanks to Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, HydroInfinity Residential also allows 24/7 remote access monitoring and provides full visibility of the pump and tank’s operation and status, as well as offering predictive analysis.