Delabie's new range of mixers put hygiene and safety first

Published: 23-Feb-2021

Infection control and user safety are central to this range of mixers, equally at home in clinical environments or utility areas.

Delabie has launched a new range of mechanical mixers. The risk of infection from mixers and taps occurs internally and externally.

The body interior and mechanism are designed to minimise the volume of standing water in the mixer and therefore reduce bacterial development significantly.

The internal parts are completely smooth, preventing biofilm attachment and making it easier to treat. Plus, a BIOSAFE outlet or hygienic flow straightener (depending on the specified flow rate) minimise water retention and the build-up of scale.

External features include a long, hygienic lever which can be operated by the elbow or wrist to reduce the spread of germs.

A choice of spout heights is also available, ensuring optimal drop height to prevent retro-contamination.

The taller models are also compatible with anti-bacterial terminal filters. And, if sampling reveals bacterial contamination, a thermal shock feature allows a curative purge of the system without removing the control lever or shutting off the water supply.

Anti-scalding safety

Every model is fitted with a pre-set maximum temperature limiter to provide anti-scalding safety. For areas with a higher risk of scalding, the EP pressure-balancing model ensures the mixed water temperature remains constant regardless of pressure variations in the system.

If the cold water supply fails, the hot water flow is reduced to a trickle, removing any risk of scalding (and vice versa).

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