Door closer is good for health


Powermatic concealed door closer from Samuel Heath is gaining favour with health authorities

Powermatic, the controlled, concealed door closer from Samuel Heath is gaining favour with increasing numbers of health authorities across the country, thanks to the many benefits that the closer’s concealment delivers to the health sector.

Being totally concealed when the door is closed, Powermatic will not have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the door or overall interior, but it is the less-obvious, hidden benefits of concealment that are proving popular with specifiers as well as project and facilities managers throughout the healthcare sector.

With cleanliness and hygiene paramount considerations, the closer’s concealed mounting means it offers minimal surfaces on which dust and other potentially-harmful detritus can accumulate. It also reduces the burden on cleaning staff.

Where safety is concerned, Powermatic is being used more and more in areas where anti-ligature measures need to be taken, post-natal depression accommodation, psychiatric facilities and secure units. Total concealment of the door closer obviously means that, when the door is closed, the closer poses no risk to patients and clients.

The risk of door controls being vandalised can also pose a very real risk to the safety of a building’s occupants, particularly where fire doors are concerned. Powermatic’s concealed nature presents very little opportunity for the would-be vandal to damage its mechanisms and render the door useless in case of fire.

Professionals responsible for the management and development of healthcare estates are also recognising that such benefits are equally applicable to areas that are not of such high risk.

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Powermatic is being adopted for an increasing number of more general situations where its fire performance, durability and accessibility characteristics make it an ideal choice for many types of doors throughout healthcare establishments.