Elegance and style combined with comfort and durability


Presenting the Odessa and Equala new seating range from Ocura

Ocura believe everyone deserves a comfortable seat, they are on a mission to provide the healthcare industry with not only the most comfortable seating but also durable options for high traffic areas like waiting rooms.

Ocura are thrilled to introduce Equala and Odessa, the new inclusive seating that's easy to clean and helps use space more efficiently.

Reimagining healthcare spaces begins with equality. Ask yourself; do my waiting areas offer an inclusive space for mother and child or bariatric patients? With Ocura’s Equala or Odessa seating they will.

Odessa Patient Chair

Odessa Patient Chair

Odessa is the perfect ‘go to’ chair for any situation. From wards to waiting areas through to meeting rooms and café environments, Odessa performs. One range, multiple options, including upholstered or solid backs, standard or bariatric widths, with or without arms.

A range that offers the same aesthetics no matter if you select from the bariatric or standard width chair. An Easy to clean, space Efficient and Ergonomic seating range that has equality at the core of its design principles. Upholstery and frame are antimicrobial and the robust construction will provide durability in the most challenging of environments.

Equala Seating

Reception and waiting zones experience high traffic and a varied mixture of user requirements.

Equala is designed to offer a range that provides visual 'equality' with options of bariatric seats within a standard beam. An 'easy' to clean, 'ergonomic' range that uses space 'efficiently'.

Equala Seating

Small details can make the biggest differences in everyday life. For example, the kick back leg design of Equala stops chair backs contacting walls preventing damage, a small point but one that will help you deliver a long-lasting attractive seating solution. Robust in construction, with sturdy, supportive, easy access arms and bariatric options, Equala provides 'equal' comfort and access to all.

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