Furniture Industry Research Association publishes standard for bariatric beds


Guidance specifies test methods and design considerations for beds for the overweight and obese

The Furniture Industry Research Association has followed the 2017 publication of standard FS 058: 2017 Seating - Performance and dimensional requirement for bariatric seating with a new standard for bariatric beds, FS 060: 2019 Beds – performance and dimensional requirement for bariatric beds.

This new standard specifies test methods and requirements for safety, strength and durability performance requirements for the structural safety and stability of all types of bariatric beds and bed bases for contract and domestic use, by persons weighing between 150kg to 250 kg (23.5 to 40 stone). It also recommends dimensional requirements for bariatric beds.

Speaking on the publication of the standard, Phil Reynolds, chief operating officer at the Furniture Industry Research Association, said “Designing bariatric products can pose issues for designers and manufacturers, as it is not just the case of taking a ‘standard’ product and increasing dimensions. There is so much more which needs to be taken into account, including how weight mass needs to be distributed, and our team worked with bariatric models to establish what happens in real life.

“This is why we wanted to support the industry in the challenges they face from changing demographics through the development of this new standard.”

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Sections within the bariatric bed standard include: Scope, test equipment, tolerances, general safety requirements for shear and squeeze points, stability, strength and durability, dimensional requirements, design considerations, and standard rationale for loads, cycles, loading points and dimensions.