Grosvenor Interiors: Teenage Cancer Trust unit Leicester Royal Infirmary

An 'age-appropiate' space for teenagers that feels reassuring, optimistic and friendly

Single bedroom with bespoke furniture

The challenge:

Being told you have cancer presents anyone with a huge challenge – particularly if you are a teenager or young adult. Creating an environment which feels reassuring, optimistic and friendly is similarly challenging. Grosvenor Interiors have worked in partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust to provide age appropriate spaces on several projects, including Leicester Royal Infirmary.

2 bed bay with bespoke furniture

Our approach:

Such an environment can never be a ‘home from home’ but our objective was to avoid the hospital stereotype as much as possible. Therefore we included comfortable cinema style chairs within the social space, purple and turquoise themes with Wall Glamour ‘activity’ art, a juke box and a widescreen TV, pinboards for personal posters and pictures, bespoke furniture in the single rooms included overbed light canopies with colour-change lighting.

Quiet room

Example of presentation drawing