Owen Mumford unveils new self-injection pen for administration of Ovaleap infertility treatment

Published: 5-Jul-2016

Innovation built on proven Autopen2 platform, providing dosage accuracy

Owen Mumford has unveiled a new addition to its range of medical devices, Ovaleap Pen.

The Ovaleap Pen is a re-usable self-injection pen which has been designed for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for use by it and its affiliates to administer Teva’s recently-approved fertility treatment. The Ovaleap Pen is CE approved and is Owen Mumford’s first device for the treatment of infertility in conjunction with Ovaleap.

Ovaleap Pen is designed for ease-of-use, accuracy and flexible dosing, featuring:

  • A dial-back feature allowing quick and easy correction if the dose is set incorrectly
  • A side-button for injection administration with one simple sliding action, for greater ease of use
  • A large dosage window with legible numbers that confirms the dose size as figures

  • A clear cartridge holder letting the end-user see how much medication is inside

As Ovaleap Pen is re-usable, this reduces the need to discard left over medication and minimises pen waste.

Sian Eden, account manager at Owen Mumford, said: “Ovaleap Pen is derived from our existing, proven Autopen2 platform – an injection pen with dose control, created to overcome some of the barriers end-users face when self-injecting. Ovaleap Pen has been developed with the end-user in mind, supporting accurate dosage. The pen can hold three different cartridge sizes and end-users can adjust their dose by 6.25 microL increments.

“Owen Mumford is passionate about developing products that meet end-user needs and address healthcare issues. We’re confident that Ovaleap Pen will be a convenient and patient-friendly device to support patients going through fertility treatment. Fertility being a major challenge as Europe has the lowest fertility rate in the world and in the UK, one in seven couples will experience infertility issues.”

Ovaleap Pen is now available in several European countries including the United Kingdom.

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