Plans for £15.4m hospice approved by Southend Council

Published: 11-Sep-2018

The new Fair Havens Hospice, designed by LSI Architects, will consist of a 16 bed in patient unit, day hospice, family support, wellbeing and charity administrative spaces

An increase in patient demand, and an ageing hospice building has required Havens Hospices to review how they provide their care. The new Fair Havens Hospice will consist of a 16 bed in patient unit, day hospice, family support, wellbeing and charity administrative spaces.

The new hospice, designed by LSI Architects, aims to increase bed capacity and services to meet the increase in number of patients requiring palliative care in the Southend area.

Andy Smith, chief executive at Havens Hospices, said: “We are all very pleased that our final plans for a new Fair Havens have been unanimously approved by Southend Council. This news means that we are now able to start building a larger, modern hospice in Southend that can care for twice as many patients, offer more treatments and support more families.”

David Andrews, Director at LSI Architects, commented: “We’re delighted to have been able to help Havens Hospices realise their vision for a new specialist building so they can continue to deliver quality end of life care in an environment that can cater for a variety of palliative patients. We have been able to draw on our experiences from our previous hospice projects to place the comfort and dignity of patients at the heart of building’s design and provide a bright and modern hospice which will be a unique and safe environment for those affected by palliative conditions and their families.”

To help the patients and their families feel at ease in their surroundings, the hospice has been set in a landscape that prompts a journey through landscape spaces before entering the main reception.

The building has a discreet patient drop off and collection to ensure that the experience of the patient is as dignified as possible, visitors are able to access the main entrance separately from the drop off area.

Those visiting the in patient unit are able to journey past a south facing courtyard space before arriving in the in patient unit. This aims to help reduce stress by offering glimpses into peaceful garden areas close to the hospice chapel.

The form of the new hospice building is domestic in shape and references the local Southend-on-Sea vernacular, to help patients and their families feel at home. Pitched gable ends, and courtyard gardens will provide a safe and secure environment for patrons of the new hospice building.

Durability of materials has been one of the factors in product selection as the site is within 5 km of the coast line which is considered a marine atmosphere. This prompted the use of low maintenance and durable materials such as brick and cementitious board cladding. Construction work will begin on the new hospice in the Autumn.

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