Sustainable Development Unit launches online tool


Move enables trusts to calculate possible savings from 35 different interventions

The NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) has launched a new online tool which enables healthcare trusts to work out the savings they could make from 35 different interventions.

The SDU wants to help organisations consider which interventions would work for them and what difference they could make in cash and carbon reductions.

Healthy Returns 2020: Your carbon and cost benefit curve enables users to enter specific details of their organisation, such as staff numbers, floor space or prescriptions. Users then select the interventions they want to include and the system will calculate the potential financial savings and reduction in tonnes of carbon.

For instance, an average-sized hospital with 3,000 staff and performing 60,000 operations a year could save up to £2.7m and cut 3,600 tonnes of carbon per year based on the 35 interventions in the tool.

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