The Venus Water Birth Pool

A quantum leap forward in design, engineering and manufacture

The Venus Water Birth Pool

Active Birth Pools – the world’s-leading designer and supplier of water birth pools announces the launch of the new Venus Water Birth Pool.

All aspects of design, engineering and manufacture were focused on to develop a water birth pool of unparalleled beauty, quality, functionality and durability that is backed by an extraordinary 20-year guarantee.

The mid-size Venus Pool’s design heritage stems from the proven principles developed in the 1980s and takes them to new levels with seamless construction in Ficore composite – a proprietary material of outstanding qualities.

The understanding of the ergonomic dynamic at play has been a key focus leading to the company innovating the design of the pool to optimise and safeguard the experience of midwives and mothers.

Foremost consideration was given to how mothers and midwives relate to, and interact with, the pool, employing ergonomic principles to design for the interaction and dynamic at play.

Mothers and midwives experience unparalleled comfort and support throughout the wide variety of circumstances of labour and birth.

Important features such as the labour support seat, extra-wide rim, recessed handrails, and sculpted skirting panel combine to create a highly-utilitarian water birth pool that's incredibly user friendly.

By making them feel relaxed and comfortable, the pool encourages partners to be close to the mother to support her when the going gets tough, and be there to share intimate moments.

The unique bull-nose shaped rim gives mothers a firm, solid handhold around the entire circumference of the pool.

Mothers are able to hold themselves upright on the labour support seat or lean over it and rest their arms on the wide rim with plenty of room to move and benefit from the warmth and buoyancy of the water.

Remote control-operated multi-colour LED lighting and integral bluetooth sound allow the mother to control the atmosphere of the room.

As well as negating infection control risks and allowing designers to sculpt the outer panel to the form of the pool, seamless one-piece construction in Ficore composite provides considerable structural advantages.

Mothers have the space to move freely and comfortably and are supported in the postures natural to a physiological labour and birth.

The ‘signature’ extra-wide rims with broad ‘bull-nosed’- shaped edges flowing into the skirting panel and down to the floor are an important feature of the Venus Birth Pool that sets it apart.

The wide flat rim allows mothers to lean forward, resting on their forearms in comfort - one of the most-natural and effective positions during labour.

It provides secure, safe, stable support for women to enter and leave the pool and for midwives and partners to lean or rest on while attending the mother.

The handrails, which are set into the profile of the rim, provide perfect support for the mother in upright positions.

The critical issue of emergency evacuation has been resolved by incorporating features into the pool to give midwives several options for evacuating the mother that are in compliance with Health & Safety and Manual Handling regulations.

The unique seamless one-piece construction incorporates a deeply-sculpted concave skirting panel to allow midwives to work in comfort with their legs well under the pool.

The new Venus Birth Pool is fabricated in Ficore composite, a proprietary material that was specially developed for baths and designed to negate the risk of problems associated with other materials.

Ficore is 50% harder than acrylic and fibreglass, which other birth pools are made from, and si highly resistant to chemicals.

Despite the rigidity and hardness of the surface it is extremely smooth, tactile and warm to the touch.

Its high insulation factor enables the Active Birth Pool to maintain its temperature up to six times longer than standard acrylic or fibreglass birth pools.

To help women control, define and personalise the delivery room, Active Birth Pools offers its pools with remote control-operated multi-colour chromotherapy LED lighting and integral bluetooth sound.

Thanks to a simple remote control, the system can be made to display a single colour or to cycle through a succession of seven different hues.

The ingenious Integral Bluetooth Sound System allows the mother to wirelessly connect her phone and listen to the music of her choice. Two integral speakers turn the birth pool into a highly-refined audio loudspeaker.

Look a little closer and the quality of the components such as the drainage system, the support structure that underpins the pool, the fittings on the access panel, the lighting system, handrails, and metal work becomes apparent.

Handmade and custom built to order by a team who together have more than 85 years experience in the design and production of high-end baths, the new Venus Birth Pool will provide decades of service and be an invaluable aid to mothers who want to have a natural birth.

The Venus Water Birth Pool conforms to regulations issued by the Department of Health and the guidelines set out in the Water Birth Safety Initiative.

Active Birth Pools helped pioneer the use of water for labour and birth by designing and supplying the water birth pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.

Its passion has led the company to work closely with midwives, engineers and manufacturers over the past 28 years, giving the organisation an unrivalled wealth of experience in the field of water birth pool design, manufacture and use.

For more information about the new Venus Water Birth Pool visit or telephone: 020 8444 1411.