Tormax introduces new airtight door automation system


Automatic sliding door offers airtight solution for operating theatres, quarantine zones and medical labs

The new TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system

The new TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system

The new Tormax Hermetic automatic sliding door system delivers a technologically advanced solution for any location that requires an airtight entrance, such as operating theatres, quarantine zones, and hospital laboratories.

Delivering all-round sealing, the door leaf automatically slides closed before being fractionally lowered and then pressed firmly against the integral door frame.

The system's unique mechanism ensures that Tormax Hermetic meets the highest safety standards and requirements for air-tightness. The system is certified to EN16005/DIN 18650.

Hygiene is often a crucial issue for locations that require a sealed entrance and the Tormax Hermetic has been carefully designed to minimise areas where dirt can be harboured.

The sensors are seamlessly integrated into the body of the door leaves, ensuring user safety and error-free detection of obstacles while encouraging easy and thorough cleaning.

And there are no guide elements in the doorway, allowing for a seamless floor finish, while the upper section of the door cladding itself is gently sloping to remove hard-to-clean corners.

The slim door drive measures just 208x135 mm and features sophisticated technology that allows easy operation of the sliding door as well as exceptional reliability, ensuring low ongoing maintenance costs.

The system is suitable for door opening widths of 800-2000 mm, with a maximum height of 2500 mm.

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Allowing a range of aesthetic-yet-practical options, the door leaf surface can be finished in stainless steel or from a wide variety of HPL coatings, with windows located as required. Lead inserts are a practical option for radiation protection.