Wye Valley NHS rolls out clinical noting and patient management solution

By Jo Makosinski | Published: 10-Mar-2023

MAXIMS system helps drive trust’s digital transformation

Wye Valley NHS Foundation Trust is increasing the pace of its digital transformation moving from paper to MAXIMS Clinical Noting and Patient Management solution.

The Wye Valley team has worked hard over a number of years to establish a solid digital foundation.

And the latest phase of its rollout has been to transform clinical practice within the hospital, moving from heavy paper-based processes to an interoperable patient management system with MAXIMS Mobile Clinical Noting at its core.

The application was rolled out across the County Hospital in Hereford and its three Community Hospitals at Leominster, Bromyard, and Ross-on-Wye.

Inpatients was the first area to go live in September 2022, followed by Outpatients in the November.  

“Following a big bang rollout we are very pleased that inpatient electronic noting has become established across the trust,” said Dr Jake Burdsall, CCIO and consultant gastroenterologist at the trust.

“Clinical teams have been providing feedback as they become increasingly familiar with the system and are beginning to explore its potential and optimise its use.

“We continue to work with IMS MAXIMS to make further enhancements, but overall regard the rollout as a major success.”

Jacinta Ni Suaird, chief product and delivery officer at IMS MAXIMS, adds: “We’re delighted that the implementation of MAXIMS Clinical Noting has been a success across the trust and the clinical teams have provided such positive feedback.

“Wye Valley has put in a lot of hard work to establish a robust digital foundation and we’re proud to have been a part of this journey and remain committed to supporting them on their digital journey.”

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