NHS supply chain launches new infection control frameworks

Published: 20-Jan-2017

Skin Cleansing, Disinfection & Care; and Skin Disinfection & Antimicrobial Cleansing bring together products from seven previous frameworks

NHS Supply Chain has worked closely with stakeholders to scope and design its new skin disinfection frameworks.

Two framework agreements - Skin Cleansing, Disinfection & Care; and Skin Disinfection & Antimicrobial Cleansing - bring together products from seven previous frameworks.

To ensure customers can be confident in the suitability of products selected and the product grouping, NHS Supply Chain carried out an indepth category management exercise and stakeholder consultation.

The newly-launched infection control frameworks coincide with the Government’s plans to halve the number of gram-negative bloodstream infections by 2020.

Speaking at a recent infection control summit, Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, stressed the importance of preventing hospital infections.

E. coli infections - which represent 65% of gram-negative infections - killed more than 5,500 NHS patients last year and are set to cost the NHS £2.3billion by 2018.

Currently there is a large variation in hospital infection rates, with the worst performers having more than five times the number of cases than the best-performing hospitals, said the Department of Health.

New measures announced by Hunt include a £45m quality premium fund to reward hospitals with fewer cases, and boosting handwashing among NHS staff with the publication of staff hand hygiene indicators.

Nick Hutton, head of category for infection control and domestic management at NHS Supply Chain, said: “Combining the seven previous frameworks into just two will make it easier for NHS trusts to order the products they need in the fight against infection. <.p>

“Something as simple as handwashing is vital as a first-line of defence against hospital infections such as E. coli.”

The Skin cleansing, disinfection & care framework provides a complete offering for use in the cleansing, disinfection and care of both patients’ and clinicians’ skin. These products may be used in surgical, ward and community settings and cover antimicrobial body cleansing, surgical scrub solutions, surgical skin preparation, and general skin disinfectant products. Hand hygiene products are also included.

The products included in the Skin disinfection & antimicrobial cleansing framework come in different classifications according to intended use.

Products used for surgical skin preparation, and surgical scrub solutions, must be licensed medicines and are used for the cleaning, disinfection and decolonisation of a clinician’s and/or patient’s skin.

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