Once-in-a-generation hospital programme enters new phase

Published: 31-Jan-2024

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust's ICB has made new strides for its NUH estate

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust's Integrated Care Board has identified a number of new opportunities to be explored with system partners over the coming months.

Whilst the Government funding must be spent on the NUH estate, the ICB has identified the new opportunities through a period of strategic development with the TNUH programme at the centre.

The Tomorrow’s NUH (TNUH) programme, one of the largest funded schemes in the Government’s New Hospitals Programme (NHP), aims to update and improve the main hospital sites run by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH).  

Tomorrow’s NUH brings significant investment in our local health services

This includes an opportunity to work with the new Derby/Derbyshire and Nottingham/Nottinghamshire (D2N2) Mayor and Combined Authority when appointed, allowing alignment of local investment and regeneration opportunities.

Amanda Sullivan, Chief Executive of NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICB said: “Tomorrow’s NUH brings significant investment in our local health services and has potential benefits for the way that our health and care system works as a whole. The proposed clinical model for our hospitals has been developed with significant input from citizens and stakeholders, providing a strong foundation for us to further develop and refine our plans."

"As the programme enters this exciting new phase, it presents an opportunity to continue to work collaboratively with partners across our health and care system, including the universities, voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and local industry," Sullivan added. "The combined expertise of our partners means we are in the best possible position to fully realise the wide-reaching benefits of Tomorrow’s NUH, ensuring a positive impact across our health and care system in the future.”

Ultimately, we want to create hospitals that will make a difference to the next generation

Anthony May, Chief Executive of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, added: “It is important that we get healthcare provision in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire right through Tomorrow’s NUH, because it will have a significant impact on our patients, staff and communities for many years to come. Ultimately, we want to create hospitals that will make a difference to the next generation and have as much impact as the QMC did when it opened in the 1970s. This isn’t about just increasing what we currently have, but about creating better hospitals as part of a complete health and care system that is ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future.”

The scope of this work is in development and an update will be provided in due course. 

The main construction for Tomorrow’s NUH is still expected to be completed after 2030 and this additional strategic development is not anticipated to delay the programme.

Enabling works on the planned 1,500 space multi-storey car park and power supply infrastructure will also continue to prepare the NUH hospital sites ready for future changes proposed by the TNUH programme.

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