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Healthcare budget constraints mean that the acquisition of much-needed equipment is becoming increasingly difficult across both the public and private sectors, resulting in many procurement projects being delayed or even cancelled due to unavailable upfront capital.

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Proven Track Record

SAF specialise in structuring and funding finance solutions for the public & private sector, in particular the NHS. We have significant experience and a proven track record of working within the healthcare sector providing affordable and compliant alternatives to outright capital purchase.

In this sector there is often a requirement for funding solutions to be classified as being ‘off balance sheet’. SAF’s extensive knowledge of accounting standards (including SSAP21, IFRS16 and FRS102) coupled with our experience in consulting with public sector auditors ensure that we are able to consistently structure solutions which meet the relevant accounting requirements.



An appropriately structured funding solution can enable a public sector organisation to upgrade ageing equipment without the need for any capital outlay.

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