Staff wellness and engagement

Published: 9-Jan-2024

Your people are the greatest asset. They're the key to delivering the quality healthcare your citizens deserve, and they work tirelessly to do so

In an increasingly stretched environment, transforming models of care is essential to not only delivering safer, more effective services, but also to attracting and retaining valuable employees into a modernised workplace that empowers them to do the best job whilst supporting their personal wellbeing.

That's why CGI’s health and care propositions incorporate staff wellness and engagement as an integral part (rather than a by-product) of digital transformation. CGI's core solutions include artificial intelligence and automation technologies that alleviate the burden on your employees, digitising routine tasks and freeing up time to focus on more complex care scenarios. And in collaboration with expert partners, we place employee experience, recognition and support at the heart of the change journey.

Read CGI's brochure to find out more about staff wellness and engagement proposition. Or if you'd like an informal chat about what your transformation journey with CGI might look like, please click here and their health and care expert will be in touch.

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