Two-position closer certifies Briton as among the best in class

Published: 31-Jan-2017

Allegion launches the Briton 131 to serve busy buildings

Allegion’s Briton brand once again shows why it is a leading pioneer in the door hardware industry with its newest overhead door closer – the Briton 131.

Developed to serve busy buildings with medium-to-high footfall like hospitals and schools, the Briton 131 retains the brand’s hallmark association of high engineering and quality.

The surface-mounted template adjustable closer is fully CE certified in accordance with construction products regulation EN 1154 in two positions (size 3) and Certifire approved to EN 1634.

To achieve the certification, the closer has passed testing on 500,000 cycles, proving that it is a flexible, durable and robust solution.

Adjustable for varying door weights from sizes 2-4, the Briton 131 is designed to be an economical solution to building owners and facilities managers with its low energy consumption.

Daniel Harvey, Allegion UK business line leader, said: “The Briton brand has been synonymous with the very best in door controls and exit hardware for more than 100 years, and the Briton 131 is no exception.

“Our development teams are always reviewing the market and listening to customers and their needs to then put that feedback back into our hardware.

“This latest door closer was specially designed to cope with new challenges faced by schools, universities, hospitals, business buildings and others with high foot traffic and heavy doors.

“Having gained the CE marking across two positions from the construction productions regulation EN 1154, we’re proud to say that Briton once again shows why it is still one of the best in the class.”

Along with door closers, the Briton products like locks, cylinders, door furniture and accessories are all backed by the same commitment to quality and testing, ensuring that Briton remains the name to trust in door hardware.

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