Upgrade your theatre with MAT FM's glazed canopy replacement service

Published: 16-Mar-2018

Make any UCV canopy look as good as new by giving the entire operating theatre a facelift

Over time, the glazed polycarbonate panels around the perimeter of an ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopy can become scratched and damaged and the paint finish on the aluminium frame can flake. This not only makes the operating theatre look tired but can also cause issues around infection prevention as chips and scratches can harbour dangerous bacteria.

The glazed canopy replacement service from MAT FM is a quick, easy and cost-effective solution, making any UCV canopy look as good as new and giving the entire operating theatre a facelift. Another key benefit of this service is its flexibility - it can be carried out on most UCV canopies, regardless of manufacturer or age.

A quick and easy process

Service engineers from MAT FM visit the hospital to take detailed measurements of the UCV canopy. The replacement bespoke panels are manufactured offsite, cut from high clarity, high impact-resistant UV-protected polycarbonate sheet. The engineers then return to install the panels.

The replacement only takes a few hours, far less time than would be needed to carry out the work in the theatre, so downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and the positive effect on the theatre environment can be experienced almost immediately.

Additional optional modifications

Replacing the screens comes with the added advantage of optional framework modifications: while work is underway, it presents the perfect opportunity to add a canopy track or a drape rail to avoid the use of clamps or other methods of attaching medical equipment to the canopy.

Benefits of MAT FM’s glazed canopy replacement service

  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Instantly improves the overall appearance of the theatre
  • Flexible, bespoke design, suitable for most UCV canopies
  • Allows additional modifications to accommodate medical equipment
  • Requires much less theatre downtime than would be needed for in-theatre replacement
  • A time- and cost-effective solution from a trusted supplier

"Thank you for the work completed this weekend replacing our canopy panels; it has improved the appearance of the theatre greatly as well as supporting our infection prevention measures."

Lewis Fernandes: Estates Officer, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A range of standalone services

The glazed canopy replacement is one of our range of standalone services, which complement our service, validation, verification and support packages. Other services available include:

  • Electrical panel/inverter upgrades
  • Surgeon’s panel/theatre control panel upgrades
  • Installation of new PU Gasket HEPA filters replacing “downward gel”, giving a completely “dry seal”

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