Working with hospitals to maintain critical air systems

Published: 16-Jul-2018

From consultation to aftersales service, Medical Air Technology (MAT) describes its complete solution for critical air systems, for hospitals across the UK

A fully functioning and compliant critical air system is crucial to the successful operation of the complex hospital environment, where downtime can be catastrophic for patients and business. More and more hospitals across the UK are using MAT FM’s specialist tailored support service to maintain their critical air systems, whether as an aftersales service following installation of a critical air system from MAT or to service, verify and validate equipment from another supplier.

The company recently won major contracts at some of the country’s leading hospitals, including Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, Northampton General Hospital, Guy’s Hospital in London, and Hillingdon Hospital, also in London, all of which will be assured of receiving outstanding care from MAT FM’s team of well-equipped, skilled and experienced engineers, located throughout the UK to ensure all service calls are dealt with quickly and effectively.

An end-to-end service

MAT FM maintains all HTM 03-01, HBN 04-01, ACDP, ISO, EU GMP, COSHH and CIBSE-regulated critical air systems, offering a flexible end-to-end service that may include an initial consultation and an audit or health check to evaluate needs and advise on a solution. Current requirements and equipment are then reviewed and an asset register developed. This is followed by compilation of a comprehensive report and recommendations highlighting key action points.

MAT FM can then provide a full programme of service and support, designed around each hospital’s needs:

  • Validation and verification: Validation and annual verification of specialised ventilation systems, a requirement of HTM 03-01 relating to the design and testing of hospital ventilation systems for critical areas such as operating theatres, pharmacies and aseptic suites.
  • Servicing: An annual service agreement that protects you and your environment, offering twice yearly verification, compliance testing and certification of all ultraclean systems and containment cabinets, regardless of manufacturer.
  • One-off repairs: Reactive maintenance for essential repairs.
  • Inspection and monitoring: A full inspection and monitoring service of all critical ventilation systems.
  • Scheduled maintenance: A range of planned preventative maintenance service packages.

Supporting energy efficiency

Energy consumption can increase by up to 60% if regular maintenance is not undertaken. Dirty or faulty fans, air ducts and components directly affect system efficiency and will increase running costs and risk of breakdown.”

The Carbon Trust: Hospitals - Healthy Budgets Through Energy Efficiency

Mechanical ventilation is major source of energy use, and can account for around 30% of electricity consumption in modern hospitals. Regular servicing and maintenance from MAT FM ensures critical air systems run as efficiently as possible, reducing energy usage and saving money.

MAT FM brochure

Working with hospitals to maintain critical air systems

Full details of the services offered by MAT FM can be found in our new brochure, which is available to download at Management.pdf. If you would prefer a hard copy, please email and one will be posted out to you.

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