£5m A&E revamp underway at London hospital

Published: 7-Sep-2021

Works will improve emergency provision for adults and children at King George Hospital

Work is underway on major improvements to the emergency department at King George Hospital, London.

The £5m investment will include more space to care for patients experiencing mental health issues, with two dedicated psychiatric cubicles for adults, and one in the children’s emergency department.

There will also be a new observation area for patients who need to be monitored over a longer period.

Replacing three observation beds in the current facility, the new area will have six trolley spaces and four chairs, allowing for separation of male and female patients.

The scheme also includes provision of a larger and better-equipped children’s emergency department with more waiting space, assessment cubicles, and a resus area.

In addition, resus space in the adult department is also increasing from three bays to six, a new Rapid Access and First Treatment (RAFTing) area is being created for assessing patients, a larger number of cubicles are being developed in the ‘majors’ area, and the ambulance entrance is being reconfigured.

For staff, where there were previously two separate nursing stations, the revamp will create a central hub.

Matthew Trainer, trust chief executive, said: “I’m pleased to see so many exciting changes happening in our ED, and the ongoing wellbeing of our staff, as well as our patients, is at the forefront of these.

“Providing more space, specifically for assessing patients with mental health issues, is also really important and I’m glad to see we are adding a dedicated space for young mental health patients also.”

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