Apollo Fire Detectors protects former military rehab centre during COVID-19 pandemic

Published: 18-May-2020

Headley Court is repurposed to help with coronavirus response

Apollo fire detectors have been installed at a former defence medical rehabilitation centre that is being transformed into a community hospital for use during the coronavirus pandemic.

To support the COVID-19 site, and despite the warehouse being closed for a stock take, Apollo Fire Detectors ensured the essential fire safety equipment was delivered the day after the order was placed.

Headley Court in Surrey will re-open and serve as a temporary community hospital for patients needing rehabilitation or convalescence, those receiving end-of-life care, and those who are recovering from COVID-19 and do not require critical or acute hospital care.

The Headley Court facility closed in 2018 and the existing fire systems were no longer viable.

Detect Fire & Security was appointed by Corrigenda Facilities Services to install a new system into nine buildings in just four weeks, and chose the XP95 from Apollo Fire Detectors.

Joe Presswell, technical manager at Detect Fire & Security, said: “The site was already configured with ward space and other clinical areas, so it was ideal to be converted for use as a community hospital.

“Upon initial site survey, it was a relatively-straightforward installation, simply swapping the equipment and reprogramming the system onto the new Advanced Electronics addressable fire panels.

“But the timescales were, understandably, hugely demanding. We were originally asked to work on three buildings, but this soon changed to nine buildings, with the order in which they were expected to be completed changing throughout the installation.

“It took four weeks to complete the installation in nine buildings. In normal circumstances it would take around three weeks per building. This was a brilliant team effort.”

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