Caradigm to launch mobile solution for hospital ward round

Published: 7-Nov-2014

Mobile application supports the daily hospital ward round by providing clinical teams with a more-holistic and complete view of their patients in near real-time

Caradigm is planning to launch its new Ward Round application, a solution for hospital wards that will help replace existing paper-based processes for collecting information at the point of care.

The ward round is where patient care is reviewed and planned, and consequently where most clinical decisions are made and reviewed: what tests to order, what treatments to change and when the patient is safe to be discharged. As the ward round progresses, each decision creates more tasks that must be completed. Traditionally this has been a paper-based process, making care co-ordination complex and time consuming. This challenge is only compounded when co-ordinating activity across a multidisciplinary team.

By providing clinical teams with quick access to information about their patient in a single comprehensive patient view, based on their specific configuration requirements, the Ward Round app can help increase clinical efficiency and ensure continuity of care.

Joel Ratnasothy, medical director EMEA for Caradigm, said: “We understand that the ward round can be a difficult environment in which to work. The clinical team moves rapidly from patient to patient, updates must be given quickly, plans must be documented, and tasks added to the list for completion later on. Keeping track of all of this information can be challenging. Once the ward round is over it can be difficult to know exactly what needs to be done for each patient, who is responsible for each task and when tasks have been completed.”

Caradigm’s Ward Round application captures and displays medical history, current medications, lab test results, investigation reports, vital signs observations, and job lists in a patient-centric view.

Ratnasothy said: "It is vital that clinical staff can easily access the latest, most-complete information about their patients to drive informed decisions for diagnosis and treatment. Being able to provide staff with a more-complete view of the patient, at the point of care, will be crucial if we are to improve the quality and outcomes of care."

The solution has been designed for mobile devices and will support the ward round by providing a simple, intuitive interface that helps hospital staff get their jobs done. It integrates with existing systems and has a secure log-in through encrypted user ID and password that validates users against the existing Active Directory.

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