Contingency planning at BMI Healthcare

Published: 12-Apr-2017

ICS Cool Energy steps in when hot water calorifier breaks down

Temperature control is critical to the successful operation of any hospital and, if threatened, can lead to a wealth of issues in its day-to-day running and to patient care.

Therefore, when a calorifier providing essential hot water for a BMI Healthcare hospital failed, it needed to be rectified fast.

The importance of being prepared cannot be underestimated, particularly in a hospital where downtime of equipment can cause a huge amount of disruption.

Having worked with ICS Cool Energy for several years, BMI Healthcare called in the temperature control specialists to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

BMI Healthcare and ICS Cool Energy’s hire specialists had already made a contingency plan for the Sarum Road Hospital site in Winchester as part of the group’s business strategy, so that in the event of a breakdown or crisis, its hospitals can be back up and running in an efficient manner.

Therefore, when ICS Cool Energy was called in, the site’s equipment and facilities had already been surveyed and assessed in advance, saving precious time and keeping business interruption to a minimum.

A call for help was made at midday and the replacement boiler and equipment was delivered to site by late afternoon. By 8pm, the boiler had been installed and commissioned, averting crisis and allowing the site to continue functioning as normal.

Steven Buchan, BMI Healthcare’s group chief engineer, said: “Healthcare is a demanding environment and reliable temperature control is life-critical.

“We make no compromises when it comes to hygienic heating and cooling, and that’s why we choose to work with ICS Cool Energy.

“They really understand our challenges, whether its emergency response, new equipment planning and installations and essential servicing.”

Richard Metcalfe, sales director at ICS Cool Energy, added: “We have built a great relationship with BMI Healthcare and are pleased to be their first point of call when it comes to temperature control.

“Our hire specialists are on call 24/7 and are well prepared for emergency response. We were able to act quickly, helped by a contingency plan already being in place to avoid business-critical downtime.”

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