CSC launches new care co-ordination and population health solutions

Published: 22-Aug-2016

New solutions allow NHS clinical commissioning groups to improve care delivery and reduce cost

CSC has announced that its innovative Care Co-ordination and Population Health solutions are now available as a service through the UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.

CSC’s Care Co-ordination approach is a series of business process services that address referral management, complex care coordination, discharge management and patient access, which together provide a single point of co-ordination for all aspects of a patient’s care journey.

These business process services are supported by integration capabilities and a flexible delivery platform. The platform includes a directory of services, which helps commissioners reduce variation and improve outcomes. It also includes sophisticated analytics, which provides population heath insights to support intelligent commissioning of care based on evidence and data.

CSC is also offering a series of dashboard services through G-Cloud. These dashboards reflect the recommendations set out in The Carter Review of hospital efficiency, and allows healthcare providers to gain rich insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of the care services they provide.

Clients use various combinations of components, which allow them to build a care co-ordination centre to fit their specific needs.

CSC’s Care Co-ordination solutions build on experience delivering the successful Trafford Care Co-ordination Centre in partnership with the Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group.

“The healthcare funding crisis will only be solved by achieving a shift from late disease to early health,” said Philippe Houssiau, CSC vice president for UK healthcare.

“This requires more optimal co-ordination of care services and information flow across the boundaries of health and social care providers.

“Effective co-ordination of care means that patients get the right care at the right time, and at the right cost, to keep them in the pre-clinical stages of their conditions.

“CSC’s Care Co-ordination solutions give commissioners improved visibility of health and illness patterns, and a mechanism for coordinating health and social care across their health economy. It’s like an air traffic control system for health and social care.”

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