Daily-Head is for microbiological air monitoring

Published: 1-Jun-2011

Disposable aspirating head is an alternative to autoclaving stainless steel heads

Cherwell Laboratories, a Bicester, UK-based manufacturer of prepared microbiological media and supplier of environmental monitoring instrumentation for pharmaceutical and related industries, has introduced the Daily-Head disposable aspirating head for microbiological air monitoring.

Triple-wrapped irradiated, this Daily-Head provides an alternative to autoclaving stainless steel heads. Each batch of the Daily-Head is supplied with a certificate of sterilisation and conformity to satisfy cGLP requirements.

Suitable for use with the SAS Super, Duo-SAS-360 and SAS-Isolator air samplers, the Daily-Head is available in Contact Plate (RODAC) and 90mm Petri dish versions.

Manufactured from an antistatic resin plastic, the disposable head, which has a five-year shelf-life, comes in an irradiated, triple-wrapped bag, making it sterile for use in a variety of applications, including those sensitive to contamination.

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