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Published: 21-Aug-2023

A design consultant can go to any medical gas pipeline system (MGPS) provider for designs

While these designs might look perfect on paper, the question remains of what happens if they simply don’t function correctly following installation. Whose responsibility it is to pay for remedial work - Public Indemnity Insurance doesn’t cover it, and the client could be left with a large bill and a large headache trying to sort everything out, as well as having to deal with building delays and even possible shutdown of facilities.
BeaconMedaes’ new unique DesignSafeCover (DSC) is a guarantee that takes this compliance risk away from consultants and customers.  Come to BeaconMedaes for MGPS designs and installation, and the company will guarantee that not only is design completed in line with HTM 02-01 guidelines, but that it will work as specified for the life of the system.
One of the ways BeaconMedaes is able to guarantee this is through use of detailed BIM level 2 models and 3D design. The in-house team runs calculations through the software to ensure accuracy at every stage of the planning. In other words, because BeaconMedaes knows the designs are right, it can guarantee that the installation is too.

BeaconMedaes developed DesignSafeCover following an explosion in the level of MGPS demand during the pandemic, when it became more important than ever to be able to assure hospitals that any systems it designed and installed were guaranteed for both system design and physical installation.

Case study – a cautionary tale…

BeaconMedaes provided a design consultant with detailed design guidance and assistance to complete a new medical gas pipeline system for a hospital in the north of England. DesignSafeCover was included for the life of the system, subject to BeaconMedaes also completing the installation.

The hospital requested that BeaconMedaes was appointed as MGPS contractor to the main contractor. However, when the tender was issued, this information was not transferred to the MEP company, which chose a different sub-contractor based on price.

This meant that not only was there no Public Indemnity insurance for the system design, but the DesignSafeCover guarantee was also not valid. This in turn led the hospital to exposure and bad feeling, as the design consultant had zero cover for design failure on any flows and pressures for the system.

Why choose BeaconMedaes

BeaconMedaes understands that the healthcare construction business in the UK is ever-changing and becoming a lot more constrained when selecting MEP partners. For certain project values, the new National Hospital Programme (NHP) requires an Environmental Management System with tangible chain-of-custody results and mandatory measures. As standard, BeaconMedaes operates a triple-accredited Management Business System, which defines the company’s core values. It includes:

  • ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System for Medical Devices
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System – General
  • ISO 45001:2018 OHSAS Health and Safety
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • MDD 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive allowance of the medical device CE marking

Furthermore, BeaconMedaes has additional controls and accreditations for the installations side of the business that guarantee impeccable contract service and delivery for all customers:

  • DesignSafeCover
  • CHAS
  • Constructionline Gold
  • Safe Contractor
  • BIM level 2 – System Design and Product Modelling

As the healthcare market moves on with innovation and technology, so do BeaconMedaes’ aspirations as a market leader in MGPS installations. One such passion is working with the Net Zero Building Standard for the NHS, bringing totally new technology to the UK, all leading to the company’s desire to always be, as it says, ‘first in mind, first in choice’.

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