EMS Healthcare and Cantel UK release QuestXL endoscope decontamination unit

Published: 14-Jun-2021

NHS trusts can now meet increasing demand for endoscope reprocessing following the launch of QuestXL, the latest mobile decontamination unit from EMS Healthcare and Cantel UK

The state-of-the-art unit can reprocess up to 180 endoscopes per day.

It follows the successful rollout of their award winning Quest+ decontamination units. With QuestXL specifically designed to answer requests from NHS trusts that need more reprocessing capacity but have limited space on their estate. Trusts can now choose from units with reprocessing capacities ranging from 60 to 240 endoscopes per day to meet their exact requirements.

The pioneering project has been developed in collaboration with, and approved by, NHS Estates professionals. EMS Healthcare CEO Keith Austin said: “We strive to work closely with healthcare providers to respond to their changing needs and QuestXL is an example of our collaboration in action.

“This decontamination unit offers Trusts the additional capacity they have been requesting but with a significant decrease in footprint. The footprint of QuestXL is 80% smaller than our Quad decontamination unit, with only a 25% reduction in reprocessing capacity meaning that more Trusts can utilise the benefits of the unit.”

The launch of QuestXL, which is HTM compliant and meets the latest JAG guidelines, will help hospitals overcome a range of challenges.

  • Additional capacity is urgently needed to reduce waiting lists and avoid a cancer crisis after the redirection of resources to tackle COVID-19 left 4.7 million people waiting for hospital treatment in April 2021.
  • Building and refurbishment works consistently limit capacity in existing decontamination departments.
  • The requirement for all decontamination equipment to be replaced every 8-10 years results in downtime many hospitals simply cannot afford.

QuestXL endoscopy decontamination unit: the full details

QuestXL has been designed to provide a safe, clean and clinically approved endoscopy environment. It features:

  • Six RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessors, enabling the reprocessing of up to 18 endoscopes per hour.
  • Two reverse osmosis (RO) plants, which means Trusts enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a failsafe water supply.
  • Twin adjustable height sinks, providing flexibility to meet the on-site needs of individual staff and helping to prevent injury and maintain occupational health best practices.
  • EMS Healthcare and Cantel UK release QuestXL endoscope decontamination unit
  • CANEXIS Integrated Workflow Solution, an advanced track and trace system that monitors every step of each endoscope’s decontamination process. Key details, such as the date and time of each wash and the personnel responsible, are recorded to help departments improve their reprocessing performance and reduce the risk of infection.
  • A Gold service package provided by EMS Healthcare partner Cantel UK, guaranteeing an eight-hour engineer response time to ensure 98% uptime of each AER.
  • On-site installation times of just one day, with the unit able to be commissioned, validated and fully operational in just three weeks.

The innovation and insight put into the design of QuestXL will come as a further boost to the NHS trusts already using our different-sized mobile decontamination units across their estates.

It means EMS Healthcare and Cantel UK are now uniquely placed to respond to the individual reprocessing challenges of hospitals across the UK while simultaneously enabling hospitals to maintain or obtain JAG accreditation. QuestXL’s four-metre height also makes it suitable for deployment across Europe.

Supporting trusts to achieve JAG accredited endoscopy decontamination

Endoscopy departments have been successfully using EMS Healthcare and Cantel UK mobile solutions to manage capacity challenges for the last four years.

Their full suite of mobile endoscopy solutions means Trusts can choose from units holding two, four, six or eight RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessors to provide the flexibility to match their individual reprocessing requirements.

To find out more about how a QuestXL facility could help you tackle immediate or upcoming capacity challenges without compromising on quality-of-service delivery, contact: info@ems-healthcare.com.

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