GV Health launches new SoChlor Wipes at Infection Prevention Society 2014 exhibition

Published: 17-Sep-2014

New SoChlor wipes unique bucket dispenser system offers greater disinfectant efficacy

GV Health has announced the launch of new SoChlor Wipes at the forthcoming Infection Prevention Society 2014 Conference and Exhibition in Glasgow later this month.

This is the first time SoChlor, the UK's fastest-growing chlorine disinfectant for healthcare, has been available in a convenient wipe.

SoChlor Wipes bring a number of innovative new features not seen before in the UK. Unlike pre-impregnated wipes dispensed from disposable tubs or soft plastic packaging, SoChlor wipes are delivered from a refillable bucket by pulling them through an easy-to-use, resealable dispensing system.

The system offers improved release of active ingredients for greater disinfectant efficacy. The high-quality, lint-free, non-woven material ensures the exact release of the disinfection solution and guarantees a perfect and even wetting of surfaces to be disinfected.

SoChlor Wipes's unique bucket dispenser guarantees constant protection of the working solution from contamination and evaporation and reduces odours. SoChlor Wipes are supplied dry for easy transport and safe storage. Once diluted and impregnated with SoChlor DST, they retain full efficacy for 10 days.

SoChlor, the UK's fastest-growing chlorine disinfectant for healthcare, has seen sales increase by over 150% in the last year. SoChlor has a US EPA laboratory approved four-minute C.difficile spore kill time and has been tested to European Standards for the evaluation of virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antisceptics used in human medicine (EN14476). SoChlor inactivates all viruses in one minute at a dose of 500 ppm (clean conditions) or 1000 ppm (dirty conditions).

"SoChlor Wipes are an exciting and genuinely-innovative infection prevention wipe which extends the benefits of SoChlor's class-leading disinfectant abilities to important new areas," said Catherine Pegna, managing director of GV Health.

"The longer shelf life, greater portability and higher efficacy of SoChlor Wipes compared to other solutions means that users can be confident that they are disinfecting surfaces, medical devices and equipment to a very high standard."

IPS 2014 takes place at the SECC Glasgow between 29 September and 1 October.

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