Honeywell to expand power plant at Nevill Hall Hospital

Published: 25-Feb-2014

Energy efficiency improvements lower costs and reduce carbon footprint for Welsh hospital

Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny is to further expand its combined heat and power (CHP) plant as part of a 25-year partnership with Honeywell.

The expansion, 13 years into a 25-year energy performance contract (EPC) between Honeywell and the hospital in Abergavenny, will increase the plant’s energy-generating capacity by a third and boost overall energy savings from the CHP by 35% based on current gas and electrical tariffs.

Under the performance contract, energy efficiency upgrades installed by Honeywell Building Solutions have helped the hospital to reduce its energy and operational costs by almost £5.16m since the contract began. In 2013 the programme saved the hospital £517,000 and reduced its carbon footprint by 1,261 tonnes. The expansion of the hospital’s power plant will be funded with the energy savings.

Providing a full range of acute surgical and medical services, Nevill Hall Hospital is managed by the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (ABUHB), which awarded the EPC.

Over the duration of the contract, Honeywell’s energy strategy has constantly evolved in alignment with ABUHB’s requirements and the demands placed on the hospital’s services.

Over the duration of the EPC, Honeywell has implemented a programme of energy-saving initiatives, including the installation of the multiple turbine-based combined heat and power tri-generation system, full lighting retrofit, complete building management system upgrade and the installation of motor inverter controls to reduce electrical loads. The long-term partnership also includes a comprehensive service and maintenance programme over the life of the contract.

The challenges of all the project installations have been overcome by thorough planning and careful co-ordination to ensure continuity of critical supplies at all times. In clinical areas, Honeywell schedules work to minimise disruption and adopts procedures to minimise infection risk while maintaining 100% availability of all essential services.

Honeywell dstrict general manager, Paul Botsford, said: “We continue to build on our partnership with ABUHB by investing heavily in energy-efficient building solutions, which ensure that the hospitals stay at the forefront of modern technology. These ongoing improvements are funded by the savings they generate, which allows ABUHB to reap the benefits without the financial outlay.”

Dave Jones, head of works and estates for ABUHB, added: “We have trusted Honeywell to deliver a reliable building management system that enables continuity of our services to patients and staff. The new technology also aligns to our constant drive for long-term energy-saving initiatives, which have incurred significant cost savings across our hospitals.”

As a result of the effectiveness of the EPC at Nevill Hall Hospital, Honeywell was chosen as the preferred partner for the controls installation work at the new build Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr in Hengoed.

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