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Published: 21-Jun-2023

The Building Better Healthcare Awards celebrates the transformative power of technology in healthcare, emphasising its ability to drive operational excellence, enhance patient care and support industry-wide progress

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry, prompting the accelerated adoption of innovative technologies to navigate the challenges posed by social distancing and infection prevention strategies. Recognising the significant role technology plays in shaping the future of healthcare, the Building Better Healthcare Awards introduces the Technology class, comprising five categories that highlight the remarkable achievements in leveraging technology to enhance patient care and operational efficiencies.

Five awards in the Technology Class

  • Healthcare Software - Process or Admin Centred:
    This category celebrates software products specifically designed for healthcare staff, aimed at streamlining processes and administrative tasks. Entries will be evaluated based on their ability to drive efficiencies, improve workflows and enhance overall operational effectiveness.
  • Healthcare Software - Patient Centred:
    Recognising the growing importance of patient-centric care, this category acknowledges software products that directly benefit patients. Judges will assess entries based on their contribution to improving patient well-being, clinical outcomes and engagement in their own care.
  • Best Use of Technology (Primary/Community Care):
    This category honours excellence in technology deployment within primary and community care sectors. Entries will showcase how the strategic implementation of technology has resulted in measurable efficiencies, enhanced patient experiences and improved outcomes in non-acute healthcare settings.
  • Best Use of Technology (Acute Care):
    Focusing on acute care services, this category rewards exceptional technology deployment in hospital and acute care settings. Judges will look for evidence of successful collaboration between IT teams and industry partners, seamless technology integration and tangible improvements in operational efficiencies.
  • Best Communications System:
    Recognising the importance of effective communication within healthcare environments, this category acknowledges digital applications that enhance communication in health and social care settings. Entries will be assessed based on their ability to facilitate seamless information exchange, improve care coordination and support interdisciplinary collaboration.

Throughout all categories, the judges will prioritise an overview of the technology and clear evidence of its impact. Cost savings, efficiencies, improved compliance and enhanced outcomes will be key factors considered during the evaluation process.

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The Technology class of the Building Better Healthcare Awards acknowledges the pivotal role that technology plays in revolutionising healthcare delivery. Through categories that spotlight healthcare software, technology deployment and communications systems, the awards celebrate excellence in leveraging technology for improved patient care, operational efficiencies and enhanced communication within healthcare environments. By highlighting the measurable impact of technology, the awards inspire organisations to continue pushing boundaries and harnessing innovation to shape the future of healthcare.

To submit your entry, view the categories and select the one that best suits your project. The entry deadline is 7 July, so don't delay and take your chance to win the Technology category.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact or call +44 (0) 207 193 4124.

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