Karantis partners with DCSL software to create KarantisCare app

Published: 27-Feb-2018

Solution improves care services, increases transparency, and brings families and on-duty care staff together

Karantis has partnered with DCSL Software to create the KarantisCare App for carers and families.

Karantis provides solutions that increase the productivity, quality of service, transparency and accountability of the global care industry, particularly focused on those with dementia and people experiencing loneliness and depression.

Carers feel too much time is spent manually filling out paperwork reports when they could be spending more time with their clients; and families are worried they have no visibility of, or connection with, the people caring for their loved ones, especially if family members were not located nearby.

It was this visibility of the ongoing challenges that led Karantis to work closely with carers and the team at DCSL Software to create an app that improves service, support and transparency, bringing families and on-duty care staff together, and allowing more time for interaction between client and carer.

The app also assists care agencies to manage staff performance, schedule daily plans, and quickly establish if there are any concerns over a client’s health or wellbeing.

Helen Dempster, founder and chief visionary officer at Karantis, said: “DCSL has been great to work with and they were enthusiastically engaged right from the start, adding value in many ways, including contributing inhouse healthcare expertise.”

Together DCSL Software and Karantis have designed an app that not only adds value to care agencies, carers, clients and their families, but that is highly secure.

The last 18 months have seen some of the most-dramatic data breaches, including several across NHS trusts. As a result, those using carer services have been more conscious than ever of the security of the data that’s held and subsequently agencies have felt added liability pressures. To address this need KarantisCare encrypts all of the data it stores.

Having worked closely with the Karantis team to design and implement KarantisCare, Nick Thompson, managing director of DCSL Software, said: “The negative experiences some have when trusting care workers with their loved ones can cause concern for families employing care agencies.

“But, by using this app, family members can monitor the health and happiness of a loved one from anywhere in the world; receiving frequent photographs and messages in a secure way.

“We truly believe that KarantisCare will have a positive impact on care agencies, carers, clients and their families.”

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