Measure what matters with new °Control range

Published: 10-Aug-2015

Lec Medical system provides pharmacies with the ultimate in-built temperature measurement solution

Pharmacies can now have complete confidence in, and control of, the true temperature of their refrigerated products and vaccines thanks to the New °Control range of medical refrigeration from Lec Medical.

Boasting a new system that actually ‘measures what matters’, the new range provides pharmacies with the ultimate in-built temperature measurement solution.

All models within the °Control range have a new inbuilt market-leading temperature measurement system which represents your vaccine vial to provide an accurate current reading of the real temperature of your vaccines as well as a minimum and maximum temperature per day, allowing for effective vaccine management.

All vaccine fridges are only as good as the temperature measurement system that controls them. The new Control range works through the use of two probes; the first probe measures the air temperature. However, the key difference in the °Control range compared to other brands on the market is the all-important second probe, which measures the true temperature of products. This means that where most vaccine fridges can be affected by many variable conditions, Lec Medical’s new °Control range will always measure the true and accurate temperature of the vaccine at all times.

In the event of air temperature deviation from pre-set parameters, an early visual warning will be given and an audio alarm will be triggered to alert staff that action is required, to give them time to address the problem before the true temperature of the vaccines is affected and products become unusable.

Carolyn Holland, senior product manager for Lec Medical, said: “A vaccine refrigerator is only as good as the temperature measurement system inside. Accurate vaccine temperature to give ultimate piece of mind is what matters most and with the new °Control range measuring both the true temperature of products as well as the air temperature pharmacies can be confident that the vaccines and samples within their medical refrigeration units are safeguarded at all times.”

As well as impacting upon patients, damaged equipment can also mean losing vast amounts of valuable stock; therefore the new °Control range of medical refrigeration units are not only a sensible investment, but one which can quickly pay for itself. The slightest deviation in temperature outside of the pre-set parameters can potentially have a detrimental impact on patients. The importance of monitoring accurate vaccine temperatures is paramount to ensuring a safe and secure service is delivered and the new Control range from Lec Medical is setting the new standard in safe and reliable refrigerated vaccine storage.

The new range of units are all manufactured in the UK and are available in three different sizes, (151l, 273l and 353l), with either a glass door or solid door option. All models in the range come complete with an industry leading five-year comprehensive parts and labour warranty to give extra piece of mind.

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