MTX completes groundworks of large new endoscopy unit

Published: 27-Feb-2024

MTX has completed complex groundworks for the new endoscopy unit Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) in Oldham, one of the largest in the UK

MTX, the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) specialist, has completed the complex groundworks for the new endoscopy unit in Phase 2 of the Community Diagnostic Centre build, which opened in December 2022. 

The Community Diagnostic Centre is part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA). 

The application of MMC principles means that structural modules are pre-manufactured offsite while the groundworks are underway.

MMC is considered faster, safer, greener, and cost-effective than traditional building techniques. 

Preparing foundations for the new 2-story endoscopy unit involved the removal and disposal of a substantial quantity of contaminated soil at the former factory site.

In addition, a retaining wall was also built to buttress the sloping site. 

MTX completes groundworks of large new endoscopy unit

The location includes a basement area and a former reservoir, which required specific measures to ensure effective site drainage.

MTX Project Lead Gareth Roberts, said: “MTX has worked extensively with the structural engineer to find a cost-effective solution for the groundworks, taking into account the challenges inherent in the site." 

“The ground remediation strategy was developed throughout the design stage,” Roberts continued. 

“After thorough site investigations we created a detailed plan for dealing with the challenges and creating the foundations for the new unit, while at the same time, MMC structural modules were manufactured offsite to shorten the project duration,” Roberts added.  

“Construction of the 1800 sqm endoscopy Unit will involve using precisely engineered factory-built structural steel units which will be craned into position,” Roberts explained.

“MTX is proud to be involved in creating this exciting new facility which will benefit so many patients,” Roberts concluded.

MTX completes groundworks of large new endoscopy unit

The accommodation comprises:

  • Three endoscopy procedure rooms
  • Four consulting rooms
  • A waiting room for around 20 people
  • Recovery areas
  • Various ancillary accommodations.

The first floor is occupied by an enclosed plantroom towards the rear of the building.

MTX completes groundworks of large new endoscopy unit

Barney Schofield, Director of Planning and Delivery at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, added: “We are excited that work is underway on our new endoscopy unit at the Oldham Community Diagnostic Centre." 

“The unit will give us advanced capabilities to diagnose illnesses such as cancers faster and earlier, within a convenient and accessible setting for patients,” Schofield concluded. 

The Oldham CDC is a commercial partnership between the NCA, which runs The Royal Oldham Hospital, and Alliance Medical.

As well as working alongside partners including Oldham Council, NHS Greater Manchester, and NHS England. 

Community Diagnostic Centres are part of the government’s national investment to improve patient access to diagnostic care without the need to attend acute hospital sites, and they aim to offer an improved experience and outcome for patients.


Images credit: MTX

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