New copper alloy range helps with bug battle

Published: 25-Jan-2012

KME Plus boasts scientifically-proven anti-microbial properties

KME Group has launched a new range of alloys with scientifically-proven anti-microbial properties.

The KME Plus collection has been created for high traffic areas and the coloured alloys can be incorporated into all of the company’s traditional product ranges, including trips, sheets, plates, discs, rods, tubes and ingots.

The range has been awarded the ‘Antimicrobial Copper’ branding from the International Copper Association, and the Cu+ mark from the US Copper Development Association in recognition of its bug-busting qualities.

Data presented at the World Health Organisation conference on infection prevention and control, from research carried out in the US, showed that the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in intensive care units resulted in a greater than 40% reduction in the risk of acquiring an infection.

A company spokesman said: “KME Plus is a range of coloured alloys whose antimicrobial activity is combined with important physical properties such as durability, resistance to wear and to harsh environments, and good retention of detail and finish over time.”

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