Building Better Healthcare in conversation with MTX Contracts

Published: 24-Aug-2020

In this exclusive video interview, Building Better Healthcare talks to UK-based offsite construction specialist, MTX Contracts, about the increasingly-important role of modern construction methods within the healthcare estate

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MTX is a privately-owned construction and engineering company delivering single-source construction and engineering solutions to the UK’s public and private sectors while consistently promoting innovation and sustainable construction.

The business focuses on niche sectors, predominantly buildings and facilities that demand a high level of construction co-ordination.

And this includes working within the health sector, where past projects have included an innovative rooftop ward extension at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester; an A&E extension at the Royal Bolton Hospital; a new twin theatre development at Luton & Dunstable University Hospital; and an MRI scanner suite at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

In recent years the company has seen a significant increase in the use of modern offsite construction methods within the health sector, most recently to address the major pressures brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this exclusive video interview with BBH, MTX managing director, David Hartley, discusses how the company has responded to the pandemic, the behavioural changes he has seen in its customers, and the importance of offering tailored innovative services to the health sector.

He also looks at the wider impact of offsite construction methods and how it can save time and money and improve sustainability while lowering risk, making it a perfect choice for the development of medical facilities.

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